Terms and Conditions


Retreats / Trips away

All bookings must be paid in full at the time of booking unless discussed with the management team before hand. 

Cancellations must be made before the final payment 6 weeks before event start date to receive a full refund of money paid, if your trip is less than 6 weeks at the time of booking, by agreeing to these terms and conditions you waiver your right to a full refund.

If you cancel a booking, or decide not to partake in the retreat that’s booked, less than 6 weeks before the event start date/time, you will forfeit your payment and any refund is at the management teams discretion.

Coronavirus – if in the unfortunate event that you are unable to attend due to your area being placed into restrictions forbidding you from joining our overnight trips, a full refund will be given. You will need to contact the Sup2summit management team directly to discuss this.

In the unfortunate event that you contract coronavirus and are unable to attend event due to this, the management team may allow you to transfer to a later date or following year. 

All cancellations will incur a £75pp admin fee

Regular Beginner style lessons and coastal tours

(1.5 hour – 3 hour lessons)

100% of payment must be made to ensure booking can be confirmed, no booking is guaranteed unless payment is received.

The person making the booking accepts responsibility for payment for everyone listed on the booking and is responsible for ensuring that all other persons listed on the booking form read the Terms and Conditions herein and that they are aware of the booking details. All participants must complete a participation form via the booking system online, links will be set up at time of booking, please ensure you have correct email address for all participants in your booking. Participation disclaimer must be completed before they will be allowed to take part in any Climbing, bushcraft or Paddle board (SUP) activity. A parent/guardian must sign for any participants under the age of 18. Sup2summit do not accept loss caused by failure to complete the declaration. All participants must be at least 8 years old. If under 18, the participant must be accompanied by a parent/ guardian for the duration of experience/lesson.

Changing your booking

Sup2summit will make every effort to arrange any changes requested after the booking has been confirmed, providing it is no less than 2 days before the lesson start date/time. After this time no changes can be made. Any changes are subject to availability of places.

Cancellation of Regular Lessons/Tours

Cancellations must be made 5 days before the session time/date to receive a full refund of any money paid, if your lesson is less than 5 days at the time of booking, by agreeing to these terms and conditions you waiver your right to a full refund.

If you cancel a booking, or decide not to partake in the lesson booked, less than 5 days before the lesson start date/time you will forfeit your payment and any refund is at the managers discretion. If you cancel a booking more than 5 days before the start date you can transfer your payment to another lesson or another individual, if you are part of a group. Any refunds on payments (excluding non-refundable deposits) are subject to admin charges.

All payments are received on a per person basis – if the number of participants in the group you have booked drops below the number originally quoted, and you fail to inform us more than 3 days before the lesson date/time the individual(s) not partaking will forfeit their payment.

Course Participation, Liability and Other Important Information

Sport, specifically climbing, bushcraft and paddle boarding (SUP) carries with it a degree of risk to both people and property, even if enjoyed under proper supervision by qualified instructors. Our activities are also strenuous that requires those taking part to have a reasonable standard of water confidence and fitness. All participants must therefore make us aware of any medical conditions, previous injuries, illnesses or allergies they may have and any medication they are taking, on the participation form before commencing activity. It is the responsibility of the participant with a medical condition (including pregnancy) to check with his or her doctor to find out if climbing/paddle boarding is within their physical and or mental parameters.

All participants must be water confident in open water and must in no circumstances be under the influence of any alcohol, drugs or medication at the time of the lesson, which may adversely affect their abilities.

All participants must agree to abide to all instructions and decisions Sup2summit and its instructors make in order to secure the safety and comfort of all participants. Participants will have the use of Sup2summit equipment during their lessons. Whereas Sup2summit takes all reasonable measures to ensure the safety and good condition of that equipment, participants are responsible for immediately reporting any damage caused to the equipment or which becomes apparent whilst the equipment is in their possession.

Sup2summit does not seek to limit or exclude any liability for personal injury or loss of life which may occur as a result of its own negligence or that of its employees, officers or agents however, Sup2summit assumes no liability in respect of any personal injury, loss, damage, consequential loss or third party claims which occur through no fault of its own, its employees, officers or agents.


Lessons will begin without you, if you are more than 10 minutes late, this may result in you missing the session completely. If you are late and it is still possible for you to take part in the lesson then it will be for the remaining scheduled time only. You will not receive a refund in these circumstances.

Law and Jurisdiction

These conditions form a contract between Sup2summit and the participant/s which will be construed in accordance with U.K. law and it is agreed between Sup2summit and the participants that each will submit to the jurisdiction of the U.K. courts

Activity weather conditions

In the event that Sup2summit considers sea/weather conditions to be unsuitable for Climbing and/or paddle board instruction; in the first case we will reschedule your booking, if in the unfortunate event it happens again we will issue a credit voucher. Credit for any lessons owed can be used within one year from the date of issue. Any lessons owed must be booked in advance and are subject to availability. No refunds are issued.

The Scottish weather being what it is, we can never guarantee conditions. Sadly sometimes people are unlucky but please remember we do not control the weather. It’s as frustrating to us as it is you.


Sup2summit have specific risk assessments for coronavirus and all participants must complete a coronavirus disclaimer at the beginning of your activity, this is also part of track and trace system. Sup2summit have completed a sport Scotland coronavirus officer e learning training course, which the above falls under.

All equipment issued to participants will be cleaned and disinfected prior to participants usage, as per Covid 19 guidelines set out by sport Scotland.

If at the time of your booking you are feeling unwell in any form, please contact us and we will re arrange your booking or issue a gift voucher to be used at a later date. We will not allow anyone to participate if they are feeling unwell from symptoms of coronavirus.

Social media and website accuracy

Whilst every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of Sup2summit’s advertising, marketing material and website. It is intended only as a guide to the services it provides and Sup2summit is relieved of any liability due to any errors or omissions it may contain, or any minor discrepancies between the media or website’s content and that service.

Any likeness or image of participants secured or taken on any of Sup2summit experiences may be used by Sup2summit without charge, in all media for genuine promotional or marketing purposes to include all brochures, leaflets, videos or on the internet. If you, the participant, prefer not to be used in any promotional materials please inform Sup2summit when filling out participation form


The prices printed on this website/form are valid at the time of publication. Sup2summit reserves the right to increase or reduce any of these prices any time after publication. Any changes will be made clear at the time of booking.

Gift Vouchers

Unless otherwise stipulated, gift vouchers will be valid for 1 year from the time of purchase. All gift certificate redemptions after this time are at the discretion of the manager. Gift vouchers are Non Refundable.

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